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LEGACY: A workaround for creating moveable node-locked licenses

LEGACY: Our new license system does not work like this. For our products that are node-locked to a MAC (ethernet) address of a machine, we describe how to create moveable node-locked licenses using a USB-to-ethernet device. Thunderbolt-to-ethernet devices are also known to work. The products include our Shake, Fusion-native and OFX plugins (all operating systems), and Sparks plugins on Linux.

A workaround
There is a workaround solution that can allow you to have floating licenses (although it is not automatic floating licenses… keep reading). We can tie our licenses to the ethernet addresses of a USB->ethernet device such as the Linksys USB Ethernet Adapter. This way you can tie your RE:Vision Effects licenses to the MAC address of these USB->ethernet “dongles” and can move your licenses to a new machine simply by moving the “dongle” to the new machine and reinstalling the license on the new machine. The cost of such a device in the US is around US$30.00.

Windows and Macintosh: The Linksys ethernet adapter comes with drivers to use on these operating systems.
Linux: This device is specified to work on most versions of Linux as well.

How do I know if a particular device will work? There are many of these USB to ethernet devices out there, so purchase one of the devices you think might work and make sure that it will return an entry for the device when running ‘ifconfig -a’ (on Macintosh and Linux) and ‘ipconfig /all’ (on Windows). Once you are successful at getting the machine to recognize the device, then purchase however many you need.

Then you only have to move this cheap device to a new machine when you decommission an old machine (or want to move the license for a day). You won’t need to talk with us unless the device breaks and you need to key to a new USB to ethernet device, OR you get a new machine at some point in the future that no longer supports the particular device you get today.