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Twixtor Tip – creating morphs with still frames

Try these steps for creating impressive morphs from still frames in Twixtor. Courtesy of Eran Stern of Stern FX.
  • Set up your shoot as you would for a time-lapse session. Be sure to use the same background for each shot.
  •  Select your favorite five frames and import them into After Effects. You may select more than five if needed.
  •  Select all the frames, which should be the same size and more or less the same framing, and drag them onto the “make new comp icon” in the project panel of After Effects.
  •  You’ll be prompted with a dialog box, and under options settings, set the still duration to 1 frame and make sure the “sequence layers” option is checked. 
  • Take this composition and drag it to a new comp. Set the duration of the comp to about 5 seconds.
  •  Select the comp and go to Time > Apply time remapping. This will allow you to drag the comp out frame until the end of the composition. This uses the mechanism under Twixtor to build new frames. Then, apply Twixtor and set the speed % to 4. 
  • Preview the result and you’ll see a very impressive morph effect that you can tweak to your needs.