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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. announces ReelSmartTM FieldsKit.

RE:Vision Effects announces ReelSmartTM FieldsKit, a set of plugins providing smarter deinterlacing and more workflow options for interlacing and pulldown.

At the heart of FieldsKit is ReelSmart Deinterlacer, which deinterlaces video imagery with superior results. Using proprietary field reconstruction and adaptive motion techniques, ReelSmart Deinterlacer can build full frames from fields that are of much higher quality than the standard approaches available in most effects and video editing applications.

And because ReelSmart Deinterlacer builds better frames, you’ll often see better results when used with other RE:Vision Effects products such as ReelSmart Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur.

Many of the RE:Vision Effects products ask you to turn field rendering and field separation algorithms off in the host application. As such, ReelSmart Reinterlacer and ReelSmart Pulldown are provided to aid in your workflow.

ReelSmart FieldsKit is a set of 3 plugins:

* ReelSmart Deinterlacer
* ReelSmart Reinterlacer
* ReelSmart Pulldown.

ReelSmart FieldsKit works in programs that support After Effects plug-ins such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere 6.0, Commotion and Combustion.

ReelSmart FieldsKit is available for both Macintosh and Windows and is priced at just $89.95.

Demo material and software are available on the RE:Vision Effects website,