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RE:Vision Effects releases Shade/Shape 2.5.

RE:Vision Effects releases Shade/Shape version 2.5, an After Effects-compatible plugin that turns 2D elements into 3D rendered artwork! Shade/Shape gives imagery volume and depth without the hassle of 3D modeling by using a supplied matte channel. Shade/Shape generates 3D models from 2D graphical and picture elements using RE:Vision’s powerful and proprietary shading-from-shape technology. The models are then lit and rendered in true 3D! Further detailing may be added to the 3D models by applying reflection and bump maps. As 2D elements merge and split in a sequence, Shade/Shape automatically merges and splits the geometry in an intuitive fashion!

What’s new in Shade/Shape 2.5:

* Shade/Shape 2.5 comes with a new companion plugin, Shade Normals, which uses the shading techniques in Shade/Shape to shade normals produced using a 3D system.
* Notable speed increase on dual processor machines (many more functions within the plugin have been made multiprocessor aware).
* Reflection mapping crashing problem in 16 bpc has been fixed.
* Macintosh users will see a significant improvement on G5 CPUs running Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger). On the Macintosh, make sure to delete the previous version of Shade/Shape in your plugins folder, because the name of the plugin files have been changed.
* Previous version did not work at all within Final Cut Pro (it did not crash, but produced no shading results).
* Previous version did not work properly in Digital Fusion. This has been fixed and now works in 16 bpc through the After Effects plugin adapter in DF 4.04E +. or later, or Fusion 5 or later.
* Apple’s Motion now officially supported.
* Parameter names no longer truncated in GUI in some apps.
* Render-only licensing available.
* Option to set output alpha channel to that of the source sequence upon normal export

Pricing, compatibility, and latest version info:

* Full license priced at $89.95.
* Render-only licenses for $17.99. NOTE: Render only licensing is for use with After Effects’ and combustion’s render-only programs (aerender, AE’s watch folder mechanism and backburner). Note that the render-only licenses only work on projects written with a full license (so users must have at least one full license for the render-only licenses to be valid).
* Upgrades from previous versions are free
* Verified to work in Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Motion, Digital Fusion and combustion.
* WIndows and Mac OS X.
* Volume pricing available. Contact

Shade/Shape is a trademark of RE:Vision Effects, Inc. All other trademarks, company names and products are the property of their respective holders. Features, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.