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Autograph – The latest, groundbreaking application for Motion Design, Visual Effects, and 3D Compositing

[Grenoble, France – San Francisco, California – January 19, 2023] – We are thrilled to announce the release of Autograph by Left Angle, a new cutting-edge digital content creation application built from the ground up with performance and the future in mind, and that RE:Vision Effects has entered into a strategic business relationship with Left Angle, whereby RE:Vision will act as exclusive worldwide distributor of Autograph.

Left Angle was founded by Alexandre Gauthier-Foichat and François Grassard with the mission of providing modern, next-generation solutions for creating dynamic media content. Autograph embraces new open standards and workflows and its 3D engine is based on Pixar’s USD platform.

Autograph delivers performance and ease of use for distinct types of users:

Promo and Motion Graphics Design
Motion designers will benefit from the most powerful tools specifically designed for their daily needs. Autograph is the first responsive design video software, making it easy to deliver multiple versions of projects. Designers can automatically preview and render motion design projects in multiple resolutions and aspect ratios from a single project file. Autograph’s powerful instancer can connect to database data using csv data files for easy personalization and localization. Autograph’s dynamic design approach automates simultaneous rendering in multiple languages and image replacement as data files are updated. Design teams can package projects for sharing without writing a single line of code.

Professional Visual Effects and Compositing
Visual effects artists and compositors will immediately embrace the ease of loading 3D USD assets. Artists can layer 3D scenes with real-time feedback, 2D animations, video effects, looks, object animations, and camera moves. Autograph comes with dozens of GPU-optimized effects, and supports OpenFX plug-ins, Shadertoy, as well as multi-channel EXR, Photoshop layers, and ProRes. Autograph also supports ACES and OCIO and uses an end-to-end 32 bit floating-point workflow for high-quality imaging pipelines.

Whether you do keying, tracking, rotoscoping, 3D compositing, Autograph does it all… and fast.

Integrated 3D and Collaboration
Building on Pixar USD open 3D scene format, 3D artists will see the benefits of a platform that allows for last-minute changes and shot finishing with 3D scene elements live linked to iterate and review until it looks just right. Autograph comes with Filament, a real-time and very high quality Physically-Based Renderer (PBR), for generating spectacular visuals. Users can easily break down projects and share sub-projects. Each full Autograph license includes a 5-user Artisan account. Artisan is a powerful cloud review platform with frame-accurate playback, annotation tools, storage, project synchronization and versioning. Artisan provides non-destructive collaboration that works!

A presentation of Autograph will be held via online with Q&A. Join us on January 26 at 10 AM (San Francisco), 7 PM (Grenoble). see live event invite. – See what it can do (play video):

Get started and see how Autograph can be integrated into your production pipeline. Autograph is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux, through both permanent and subscription licenses. Pricing (USD) is $1795 for a permanent license, $599 for an annual license (equivalent to $50 a month), or $59 a month for a monthly license. A special promotion is available until March 1, 2023, including an introductory offer of 20% off permanent licenses. Permanent licenses will also come with a free Render-only license during this introduction period.

Those who buy an annual license during the promotion period will have the option to upgrade to a permanent license for the retail price difference at the end of their subscription term. Reduced price render-only licenses are also available for users who can dedicate additional machines to perform renderings. Orders can be placed through both sites Contact / for questions about educational and multi-license discounts.

A 30-day trial version of Autograph is available here.


About Left Angle: Left Angle is a start-up that specializes in developing professional-grade creative software applications dedicated to motion design, visual effects (VFX), and mass personalized video production. Left Angle’s two co-founders, Alexandre Gauthier-Foichat, and François Grassard combine their industry knowledge to create solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Alexandre, a former INRIA software engineer specializing in computer graphics and image processing, co-founded Left Angle with the aim of improving current creative software and industry workflow. Co-founder François brings in 25 years of experience working in Motion Design and Visual Effects as well as experience teaching students and managing creatives. This has allowed him to steer Autograph to support the features that matter for the most productive results. For more information:

About RE:Vision Effects: For over 20 years RE:Vision Effects has been providing software solutions for virtually any digital pixel manipulation problem. RE:Vision, an Academy and Emmy Award-winning company with a well-tuned software publishing support structure, will act as Left-Angle’s exclusive software distributor. For more info: – yes our plug-ins that are the visual standard for visual effects industry are available in Autograph.