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Augment your color correction arsenal. Restore otherwise unusable footage.

RE:Grade Features

Automatic contrast enhancement

Reveal invisible details out of the shadows, make every pixel sharp without halos, clamping or ringing.

Restore otherwise unusable footage

Restore contrast, saturation, pull details out of really low-light or washed out footage, textures that you did not even know was in video.


Prepare your footage for final look correction, restore sanity in your color workflow.

Feature Specs

Semi-Automatic Enhancement

Control the automatic process that adjust locally contrast so every part of the image is clear, color is balanced, saturation makes sense... so it looks like you want not just like the camera or software wants.

Look-up tables

Support for Hald Clut. Save as 3D LUT. Build libraries of color looks and use RE:Grade to normalize your footage so your CLUT make sense.

Super sharp look

Unique multi-resolution processing method with global contrast, local contrast and per-pixel sharpness in a single tool with controls allowing you to adjust at different scale.

Exposure Fusion

Tone mapping controls. Produce HDR-like effects.

Adjust/Correct Color

Handy inclusive mini-color corrector with color balance adjustment, support for HALD Clut, CDL controls.

Color and Tone limiter

HLS controls to limit color, lightness and saturation separately.

SDR to HDR secret ingredient

Reveal fine invisible details out of the dark areas of your image without creating a sea of noise or over-exposing your video. Shoot with 1-2 stop down to avoid clamping safely.

Blind handling of Log Curves

Drop flat, log footage of unknown origin and apply RE:Grade Contrast. Adjust the head, middle-point and tail of the non-linear transfer, protect the highlights to avoid clamping (over-saturation).

Color Admin

Restore sanity in your multi-application workflow: Inverse 3D LUT using Hald Clut in and out. Generate reference CLUT image, send out, reimport, compute deviation from truth, apply inverse correction.

Attenuate color fringes

Get rid of these purple fringes and other optical/sensor over-saturation anomalies.


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