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Being away from internet access for more than 3 days

Our licenses check every so often for valid active status by talking to a server in the cloud. If you will be away from internet access for more than 3 days, this is possible by following the instructions below.
  •  Manage the activation for your RE:Vision Effects product by clicking on the Activation button in one of the plug-ins settings. Then deactivate the product of ours that you wish to use offline.
  • Then turn off your machine’s network interfaces (or physically unplug from the internet).
  • The program will see the internet is not available and ask if you want to activate offline manually.
  • The installer will detect there is no internet and ask you to save an activation file. It is an XML file and should be saved with a .xml extension
  • Turn back on network/internet access on the machine.
  • Upload the activation xml file at
  • After a successful activation, you will be prompted to download an activation response file (also an xml file)
  • Manage your activation again, this time select “with file” and click Activate
  • A file browser will show up and ask you to select the activation response xml file
  • You are done!
Our software will not fail when it attempts to check the license server in the cloud. If you need to deactivate before returning to internet access, follow these instructions. Otherwise, you can deactivate normally when you get back to internet access.