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RE:Vision Effects work in “What Dreams May Come” rewarded with an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

San Francisco ­ RE:Vision Effects, Inc. would like to congratulate its staff, PIERRE JASMIN, the effects designer and PETER LITWINOWICZ, the Motion Paintsm system co-developer, and the caravan of software effects houses whose work was rewarded with an Oscar for their “Painted World” work on “What Dreams May Come.”

Oscars are not usually bestowed on the type of visual effects work that appears in “What Dreams May Come” (WDMC). The Academy’s nod is further evidence that RE:Vision’s work on WDMC is creating broader landscapes for visual effects in cinema. This project has created a demand for visually rich effects that evoke a more visceral response. RE:Vision would like to thank Steve Simon and his associates, who had the foresight and persistence to get this visually rich movie financed and completed. The financial success of WDMC will allow other movies like it to be made.

This movie marks an important “first” in visual effects in that RE:Vision successfully implemented the first production pipeline to use computer vision technology so pervasively. The “Painted World” section is the first long moving-picture sequence that relied on image-based animation and non-photorealistic rendering, two growing areas of development in computer graphics.

RE:Vision is particularly proud to have been involved in a project that required paintings to be created from live-action (another first in the film industry). Furthermore, creating visual effects that were nonviolent and very interpretive and artistic in nature drew RE:Vision to the project.

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