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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. releases Video Gogh for Windows 98/NT 4.0

San Francisco.

RE:Vision Effects, Inc., based in San Francisco, CA, announces the Video Gogh QuickTime Effect and After Effects plugins for Windows 98/NT 4.0. Providing an easy and intuitive interface, Video Gogh employs the powerful technology used in “What Dreams May Come,” this year’s Academy Award Winner for Best Visual Effects. No other product on the market uses such advanced techniques and yet is so easy to use. Unlike other available painterly techniques, Video Gogh tracks all the objects in a movie sequence to provide the highest quality animation with unparalleled smooth motion.

The QuickTime effect brings the power of Video Gogh technology to any application that supports Apple?s QuickTime Effects. The list of applications includes Premiere 5.1 (Adobe), EditDV and RotoDV (Digital Origin), Media Cleaner (Terran), Commotion (Puffin Designs) and VideoShop (Strata), among many others.

Features of the After Effects plug-in include 3 styles of brush strokes, variable sized strokes, variable distance between strokes (so that there can be empty space between strokes), and variable translucency of brushes. Of course, all the controls of the brushes may be animated. Furthermore, the Video Gogh After Effects plug-in respects the mask of a layer and paints only in the visible areas. The After Effects plug-in brings the power of Video Gogh technology to After Effects 4.0 or later. This plug-in is also compatible with any other application that supports After Effects 4.0 plug-ins.

The Video Gogh QuickTime Effect is available on the web at and costs just $29.95. The After Effects Plug-in is priced at $89.95. A demo version may also be downloaded from the RE:Vision Effects, Inc. website,