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RE:Vision Effects releases Twixtor 4.5 FxPlug version for Final Cut Pro.

RE:Vision Effects is now shipping Twixtor 4.5 for Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) in an FxPlug version, which is Final Cut Pro’s native effects plugin architecture.

Twixtor enables users to speed up, slow down image sequences with visually stunning results. In order to achieve its unparalleled image quality, Twixtor synthesizes unique new frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence… employing RE:Vision Effects’ Academy Award winning technology that calculates motion for each individual pixel.

DV Magazine calls Twixtor “amazing” and “a must-have for any toolkit.” Video Systems says “it’s the best plugin method for creating speed changes, slow-motion effects, and frame-rate conversions.” Nick Brooks, Academy Award and Emmy Award winner for visual effects says, “Twixtor 4.5 represents a new touchstone in retiming. The difference in accuracy means that retiming artifacts are either drastically reduced or disappear on the hardest to retime footage.”

The After Effects-compatible version continues to work within Final Cut Pro. What are the differences? The FxPlug version can process images in 10 bit YUV (and greater bit depths, when supported). The After Effects-compatible version only works in 8 bits per channel within FCP, but can also run in After Effects, combustion and Premiere Pro. Note that 8 bit processing within the FxPlug version is significantly faster than the After Effects-compatible version, but 10 bit or full precision YUV processing takes longer than the 8 bit processing in order to take full advantage of the extra bit depth. The FxPlug version runs within FCP 6.0.3 and up, while the After Effects-compatible version will run in any version of FCP from version 4.0 and up.

The FxPlug version is the better alternative when using Twixtor within FCP because it is Apple’s native effects plugin format. Apple is continuing to add new features for FxPlug plugins, and as such there are greater future opportunities for Twixtor within FCP in the FxPlug version. Additionally, it is hoped to include Twixtor support for Motion and Final Cut Express in a future release of the FxPlug version.

Many customers use Twixtor within both Final Cut Pro and After Effects, so there is a reduced price for the second version for customers that want to use the FxPlug version within FCP and the After Effects-compatible version within After Effects on the same machine. See pricing list below.

Pricing info:
* FxPlug or After Effects-compatible Plugin, Regular version $329.99.
* FxPlug or After Effects-compatible Plugin, Pro version $595.00. See the RE:Vision Effects website for what features the Pro version adds to the regular version.
* Upgrade from regular FxPlug to Pro, FxPlug version: $265.00
* Upgrade from regular AE-compatible Mac version to Pro AE-compat Mac version: $265.00
* Add regular FxPlug license to a previously purchased regular or Pro AE-compatible Mac license on the same machine: $99.95
* Add Pro FxPlug license to a previously purchased Pro AE-compatible Mac license on thesame machine: $179.95 (requires previously purchased Pro AE-compatible version)
* Add regular AE-compatible Mac license to a previously purchased regular or Pro FxPlug license on the same machine: $99.95
* Add Pro AE-compatible Mac license to a previously purchased rPro FxPlug license on the same machine: $179.95

Effections is our bundle of plugins for a particular host. Effection for FCP suite is $889.95 and includes FXPlug versions of Twixtor PRO and DE:Noise as well as 7 other products. Customers who purchased Effections or Effections Plus After Effects-compatible plugin set for Macintosh, as well as Twixtor After Effects-compatible version for Mac between April 1, 2008 and May 21, 2008, inclusive, will receive the Twixtor FxPlug version for free.

Volume pricing available. Contact sales (at) revisionfx (dot) com

Twixtor continues to be supported for other After Effects-compatible programs (After Effects, combustion, Premiere Pro) as well as Avid editing systems, Autodesk Systems (Sparks), Avid’s SoftImage|XSI, Apple’s Shake, Quantel generationQ, eyeon’s Fusion and Vision and others. Demo versions, sample footage and tutorials are available on the RE:Vision Effects website: .

Twixtor is a trademark of RE:Vision Effects, Inc. All other trademarks, company names and products are the property of their respective holders. Features, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.