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DEFlicker V2 is now available

RE:Vision Effects, Inc., acclaimed effects plug-in industry leader and makers of Academy Award-winning software, is pleased to introduce DEFlicker v2, a major upgrade to the solution to problematic high frame rate and timelapse footage.  

DEFlicker is the ruler of taking control of all things that flicker whether you shoot with very high-speed shutter or at very low video frame rates (timelapses). Version 2 provides additional and enhanced tools for correcting high-speed shutter artifacts, timelapse flicker and now comes with 4 plug-ins: 

HighSpeed:  High-speed shutter and high frame rate elements tend to exhibit strobing caused by lighting systems. New in DEFlicker v2 are tools for managing the Alpha Channel for green screen VFX shots. Also added is improved noise reduction and a simplified method for removing the flicker quickly. Now users can enter the frames-per-second of the shot, and the system frequency for their region (50 or 60 Hz) and DEFlicker takes care of the rest.  

Timelapse:  Your solution to handle flicker of image sequences with a lot of motion discontinuities.  New features include improvement of render speed for sequences over 4K and better handling of large color and lighting shifts. It now also properly deals with over-range values.  

Auto-Levels:  Extended timelapse scenes often suffer from fluctuation in color and levels when shot using automatic exposure. DEFlicker already allows you to display graphically the variation over time and replace missing frames in the sequence. In v2, new methods of fixing or replacing bad or damaged frames are implemented.    

Rolling Bands: New in v2, the Rolling Bands plug-in can be used in conjunction with the High-Speed plug-in or by itself. It allows you to model and attenuate those annoying dark bands primarily caused by lighting and rolling shutter speed time synchronization issues. Rolling Bands provide interactive ways to model the rolling bands height, the distance between bands, and the speed of roll. It also provides fine band feathering options to match the source video transition from lighter to darker. Temporal processing takes into account the rolling bands speed.  

All plug-ins will see better handling of linear versus gamma encoded sources (now automatic in AE, matches project settings) and v2 should load v1 based projects without issues. 

See the release notes on our website for full download.   

Pricing and availability: Download a demo here and give it a try!  

  • DEFlicker v2 is available for $249.95, or upgrade from v1 for $65.95.  
  • The same activation license will work in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Filmlight Baselight, Foundry Nuke, Sony Catalyst Edit, Blackmagic Design Resolve and Fusion, Apple FCPX and Motion, Autodesk Flame, FxHome Hitfilm, Assimilate Scratch, Boris FX Silhouette, Inria Natron, Magix Vegas Pro and others.   
  • If you purchased DEFlicker v1 on or after April 20, 2020, your activation key has been automatically upgraded to v2. Just download v2 and go (be sure to exit your app first).  Floating license users will receive an email.
  • If you purchased Effections or Effections Plus v20 on or after April 20, 2020, you will receive a new activation key for v2 at no charge.
  • Floating licenses, volume discounts and render-only licenses are also available. Visit or contact to find out more.  

About RE:Vision Effects 

RE:Vision Effects is a software development company focused on providing innovative software to create, modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality. Their products have a broad range of applications and are currently used in every phase of television, motion picture, internet and visual effects industries.  

The company supplies its cutting edge software through partnerships and direct sales for a large segment of customers ranging from at-home editors, wedding and other live event videographers, corporate video providers to those creating high-end effects for commercials, episodic TV and big-budget films. 

Demo material, examples and software are available at  

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