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Twixtor 8 ML Beta,  Install Twixtor 7  (if not already installed) or Effections and then download here. New licenses of Twixtor from FEB 1 2024 are V8 compatible, and anyone who ordered Effections since FEB 1, 2023 has been automatically upgraded.

Twixtor 8 beta Features

Beta Version Download

This installs Twixtor V8 Regular over V7 Regular. Requires a V8 license or Effections bought or upgraded from FEB 1, 2023

What's new?

Includes Twixtor new Machine-Learning DNN model. Media Composer to come soon, as well as Pro version to come Q2. Aside from that fully functional, see Release Notes below to track status.

Single Installer Per Os

Beta version installer downloads includes OpenFX and AE compatible plug-ins for Mac and Windows, and OpenFX for Linux. One single package per OS. Install the one you need.