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Twixtor 8 ML Beta,  Install Twixtor 7  (if not already installed) or Effections and then download here. New licenses of Twixtor from FEB 1 2024 are V8 compatible, and anyone who ordered Effections since FEB 1, 2023 has been automatically upgraded.

Twixtor 8 beta Features

Beta Version Download

This installs Twixtor V8 Regular over V7 Regular. Requires a V8 license or Effections bought or upgraded from FEB 1, 2023

What's new?

Includes Twixtor new Machine-Learning DNN model. Version for FCP/Motion and Media Composer to come soon, as well as Pro version to come Q2.

Single Installer Per Os

Beta version installer downloads includes OpenFX and AE compatible plug-ins for Mac and Windows, and OpenFX for Linux. One single package per OS. Install the one you need.